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Cal Spas Patio Spa Collection
Patio Spa Collection

Cal Spas Patio Spa collection offers relaxation at the push of a button thanks to our exclusive Plug-N-Play technology that allows for quick and convenient installation with a standard 110V outlet. That means you can begin enjoying your Cal Spas tub shortly after it arrives, without major alterations to your existing home. What's more, the spa's cutting-edge design was developed to give users a total body hydrotherapy session with every plunge, making it a conveniently installed tub that doesn't slouch on the comforting features found in our more robust models.

Patio Plus Spa Collection

Customize your jets in the Patio Plus Spa so your body can enjoy unlimited relaxation whenever you need it. Patio Plus Spa offers room for more than one, so you can share its hydrotherapy experience with that special someone. Whether you want to relax while quietly conversing, or soothe yourselves after an evening jog together, Patio Plus Spas are ideal for couples. Each is powered an efficient, custom built 6.0 BHP Cal Spa pump.

Cal Spas Patio X-SERIES
Patio X-Series

Cal Spas Patio-X collection provides complete and absolute relaxation while offering high performance in our featured 2 x 6.0 BHP Eliminator High Performance ™ Pump 240v Op. Vol, built to last a lifetime! In your backyard oasis, you are sure to enjoy the beauty of the hot tub as well as the long term health benefits. This line boasts gorgeous, illuminated, LED beam-lite corners in magnificent colors and is sure to make you the envy of your neighborhood. In addition, revel in our new Cal Armor, technology cover, designed to completely revolutionize the industry with our cover being 3 times lighter and 5 times more protective. This allows your customer to experience an overall simplicity in removing their cover. The overall experience of the Patio-X Series is sure to create a lasting impression for all who experience the divine enhancements offered in this magnificent spa series. Enjoy!

Cal Spas Escape SERIES
Escape Series

More than just a home spa Escape spa is a ticket to paradise. The spa's adjustable controls allow for a fully-customizable relaxation experience at the end of every day. Escape Spa allows you to liberate your mind and body from the humdrum of your career and your commute, allowing you to enter a world of calm right in the comfort of your own living space.

Escape Plus Series

Discover depths of pleasure you never thought possible thanks to the Escape Plus Spa's superior hydro-massage technology. The powerful three pump system offers unparalleled relaxation to either begin or conclude your day. Limber up before a long day at the gym, worksite or office, or end the day by basking in the bubbly temperate waters of your Cal Spas tub.

Cal Spas Escape X-SERIES
Escape X-Series

Cal Spas Escape-X Collection will provide the relaxation you have come to know with any of our Cal Spas line of stunning hot tubs! What we have done with Escape-X, is upgraded our cabinets with a premium finish, with the look of natural wood on the exterior and its sleek corners. Sure as Zen appeal! The Elite Horizontal Cabinets will be a magnificent addition to any backyard or patio! If that wasn't enough, we designed an illuminated, LED beam-lite to enhance the corners in magnificent colors to surely to make you the envy of your neighborhood! Last but not least, we have designed our newest Cal Touch 2, with its high-gloss finish, 4" LCD touch screen, allowing complete ease in controlling all available settings. We are proud that our control panels are the most advanced touch technology in the industry with its user-friendly interface.

Cal Spas Platinum SERIES
Platinum Series

Muscle pain, body stiffness and pain —no matter what line of work you're in —they're common reactions to everyday stressors. Soaking in the temperate, bubbling waters of your Cal Spas tub relaxes tense musculature and loosens stiff joints. The Platinum spa offers accelerated spa hydrotherapy that combats everyday aches and pains. In fact, spending a portion of each day in warm waters has been found to have a positive impact on blood flow, which in turn can improve healing time, energy, mood and many other aspects of your life.

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